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Enjoy The Dive

Discover The World Down Under The Sea

Get your open water certification so you are ready to take that dream vacation.  We can get you certified at a relaxed pace so you are ready to go explore!

Offerred Courses

Discover Scuba

Open Water

Peak Performance Bouyouncy

Project Aware

AWARE Coral Reef Conservation


Open Water to Dive Master



Digital Underwater Photography


Enriched Air

Equipment Specialist

Underwater Navigator


Search & Recovery


DAN - O2 Provider

DAN - Basic Life Support, CPR & First Aide

DAN - First Aide for Hazardous Marine Life

DAN - Neurological Assessment

DAN - Diving Emergency Management

Discover Scuba With Me!

I am Alan Parmater, a PADI Open Water and Specialty instructor.  I would like to share the world down under the sea with you.  There is so much to see and learn.  This is a fun sport and the learning is endless. 


Let me introduce you to the world of scuba diving.  There is a whole new world under the sea.  We will start new divers with first class PADI online training you can complete at your leisure.  We will them move on to a comfortable pool at the Swim School.  There is never any rush and you will be comfortable with your equipment and skills before moving on.  Once the basics are mastered we will continue the adventure in open water at one of the region's great training lakes.

Alan Parmater 
PADI # 407340
To schedule your adventure contact 
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