GUE Fundys July 11

New GUE Fundys class to start on July 11which is closed with its 2 students as we have some work related scheduling issues that needed to be worked around.

Next Fundys class will likely start in September.

Sealab Site and Murray Head

Karl and I dived the SeaLab site on July 5th and found very little.

2 small structure about 4 feet square and 2 feet off the bottom with 3 strand nylon rope wrapped around them. Could have been the base of the of the instrument racks seen on previous dive a number of years ago. But no sign of the rest of the instrument rack structure. Also saw a couple of items which look like tie downs. Everything had lots of dead kelp on it so difficult to see the base of the structure.

Sealab site is just north of the Scripps Wave Buoy which has an antenna out the top. Buoy sits in about 150 feet while the Sealab site is 205-210.

Andy and Steve decided not to do a sand dive at Sealab and did a longer deeper dive at Murray Head.

Karl and I dropped in at Murray Head about 20 mins after Andy and Steve. Visability at Murray Head was better.

Ascent was done off an SMB.

Andy and Steve did a final dive at La Jolla South Wall to complete the day.

Osborne Bank Dive

Dived Osborne Bank on June 14

6 of us (Andy The, Bruce Bonar, Jennifer Lee, Walter Chung, Karl Haywood and myself) headed out to Osborne Bank on the Sundiver III. Original plans were to dive San Clemente Island but it was largely closed down by the Navy. I have been wanting to get to this site for quite awhile and it proved to be an excellent dive. Anchor was dropped onto a plateau at 130 feet which was the shallowest depth that we saw.

Lots of vertical relief with channels that consisted of rock walls and sandy bottoms - pretty similar to some of the Tech 1 sites at Pt Lobos(just south of Monterey/Carmel). Lots of hydrocoral most of it pink with some purple. Large anemones. Karl and I came across 2 electric torpedo rays. The second of which followed us for a ways after we hung out around it for awhile before scootering away.

Walter shot some nice available light GoPro Video which can be seen at Osborne Bank By WalterChung

GUE Beta CCR Course

Karl Haywood and I completed the Beta GUE Closed Circuit Rebreather Course taught by Jarrod Jablonski and Richard Lundgren.
Lectures were done at Extreme Exposure in High Springs, FL.
Dives were at Blue Grotto and Orange Grove.
Class was broken into 2 groups for in-water sessions and Rich taught our group.
Prior to the class Karl and I got in a couple of cave dives and we picked up our new GUE-configured JJ Rebreathers from Extreme Exposure.
All of the class showed up the afternoon before the official start of class and assembled the breathers.
The class materials were pretty well completed particularly for I was expecting as this was what I considered to be the first beta course although there had been one previous course presented.

GUE Fundys May 24

My next GUE Fundamentals is scheduled to begin on Friday May 24.
Friday will be a day of lecture, gear review and swim test.
First day of diving will be Sunday May 26.

Course consists of 1 day of lecture and then 6 dives spread across 3 days.
Dive days include pre-dive briefings, dry runs, post-dive briefings and an end of the day review of the video shot during the day.

Course has 2 people signed up and have room for a third. Have had contact from one individual for the third position.
If we have more interest then we may be able to add another instructor and teach up to 6.